4C Srl - ambiente di lavoro salubre

A healthy working environment with 4C Srl

The health of our employees comes first

Considering the historical period we are still going through, the healthiness of the air should be one of the priorities of the companies, both for the staff who work inside all day and for the customers who pass through the area.

4C Srl is a company specializing in molding of plastic components, in which the products are made with precision to ensure the perfect assembly of the pieces for various uses/destinations.

The firm is equipped with a modern suction system, which takes care of keeping the environment clean and safe for all our employees, because we at 4C put those who allow us to achieve our goals first.

What is guaranteed through this system is the workplace safety, as it helps to maintain more stable temperatures in work areas and eliminate any fine dust in the air.

So let's see in detail what are the advantages that can be obtained from the use of the suction system.

4c srl ambiente di lavoro salubre
4C Srl – Healthy working environment

Why opt for the air extractor in production

Opting for an air extractor in production, in addition to being a method for making the environment more livable for employees, is also a strategy for increasing production.

We put our collaborators in a position to work in a comfortable place for themselves and this leads to better work performance.

4C Srl's goal is to create products that can satisfy a wide range of customers, ad hoc solutions that differ from the generic ones, and all this is possible by guaranteeing a better healthiness of the air and making the work environment livable.

The advantages of an air extractor

Having a good air extractor means eliminating any risks in the workplace.

This means any gas emissions but also fumes due to the high temperatures of the machinery.

It's a way to respect employees and customers, especially if the exhaust emissions are frequent and constant.

We are talking about a system that it makes no noise annoying and therefore does not cause any disturbance to the people present.

It offers and guarantees a reduced energy consumption constantly and continuously. Important goal of our company.

Collaborate with us at 4C Srl, conceiving and planning your every need.